Thank you to all of our athletes and volunteers who make each Victory Triathlon such a success!

Below is some of the feedback we received after our races:


Thanks for organizing this event today.  It was hands down the best organized triathlon that I have attended.The prep work you guys put in was clearly evident and much appreciated. From an athletes point of view, there aren’t enough good things to say about how well this event went off. Many thanks to you, city of Leduc, your sponsors and the many volunteers!”
– 2013 athlete


“…Congratulations on the well run triathlon, while it was my first triathlon never did I feel lost or that there was a lack of help”
– 2013 athlete


“I just wanted to tell you that the race on Saturday, July 20, 2013 was EXCELLENT.  You all did a fantastic job.  Nobody would know it was Leduc’s first race because you did it like pros.  It was well organized, well run, well attended, and you even ordered nice weather.  You can’t get better than that!!!!  Also, the volunteers were very friendly and helpful so that was also a huge bonus. It was my first sprint and it was a wonderful experience.  See you next year.  I will definitely pass the word around.”
– 2013 athlete


“Hi I participated in your triathlon, it was great I didn’t have my best race that day but I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  The atmosphere was fantastic all the volunteers along the way were fantastic. The whole day was very well organized.  Thank You. I will definitely be coming back next year!!!!  Hopefully to have a better race :)”
– 2013 athete


“Just wanted to say again that I was really impressed with how ‘professional’ of an event you put on.   I really was not expecting it to be so official and well put together.  I had expected much more low key.  But you guys did great!  Very impressive.  Great work.”
– 2013 volunteer


“A big thanks to the organizing committee and team leaders. The volunteers have been thanked, but it was the organizing committee that got everyone to the right place at the right time. What a big undertaking! I don’t know what was happening behind the scenes, but as a volunteer, it all seemed pretty seamless. There were lots of happy riders on the course and even the peace officers at our intersection were cheering them on! I even made a new pal…”
– 2013 volunteer


I would like to express my gratitude to all the committee members and volunteers who put on such a well-run event on Saturday, July 20.Although I’ve run in several half marathons and marathons, this was my first triathlon and I can tell you that I was pretty nervous.  It was for that reason (and to look at some tri shorts) that I wanted to go to United Cycle when AIA representatives would be there.  I had the pleasure of meeting 2 women (their names escape me), who put me at ease about my swim, (I really lack confidence in the water).  One in particular (I sure wish I remembered her name – long dark curly hair), suggested that I not worry about my time, suggested that this was a ‘fun’ race and although there may be only a handful of people who MIGHT not have that mentality, most will AND… I can swim on my back, or whatever I felt comfortable doing.  She actually got me past the point of nervousness, and I was actually beginning to feel excitement.

Fast forward to race day, and I didn’t give myself enough credit.  I completed my 30 lengths 2 minutes faster than the time I had requested, and didn’t feel tired at all.  The run to my bike felt shorter than it actually was, but my very first transition EVER was overwhelming.  Fearing that I’d forget something, and of course I did.  My race belt!  A volunteer came up to me and told me to put it on.  Right away, I started to go back to transition with my bike, but he reminded me that I had it on my handlebars.  My nerves were at an all time high at that point.  Anyway, I finally get to the bicycle mount area and there she was!!  The woman who helped me so much at United Cycle!.  She guides me to the start and as I’m getting closer, shouts and says “hey… how are you doing? How was your swim.  I knew you’d do it!”.  Maybe it wasn’t the case, but in my mind I was sure she recognized me.  I just wanted to put my bike down and give her the biggest hug of gratitude ever!  Her positive words and, what felt to me like a personal cheer, gave me more energy than any bar or gel ever could.  

Thank you for putting on SUCH a well run event.  Had I not known better, I’d think that this event had been happening for years.  Unfortunately though, because of other commitments, I was unable to stay and enjoy the meal after or the awards.  Also, a HUGE, HUGE thank you to the volunteers.  I don’t remember the last time where I was at a race and the volunteers were so extremely motivational!  It was like each one knew me personally, the way they were cheering me on, and that of course, made me smile after my swim, ride faster and run faster….

Thanks again and I look forward to participating in your event next year.”
– 2013 athlete